INEXTIA is a mobile and cloud-based maintenance system (CMMS). You can manage your tasks digitally through the cloud no matter your location. Its usability, easy access, and simplicity make the system ideal for any maintenance department.

Plan maintenance tasks from your PC, tablet or phone. With just a few clicks, you can easily create, delegate and finish jobs.


Watch a brief introduction to how a cloud-based maintenance system creates value in your business.

With online access, you avoid all IT technical issues related to installation, configuration, backup or purchase of servers. Logimatic provides it all so you can get started right away.

You get:

  • Minimal training expenses
  • Savings on IT and maintenance
  • A platform independent software
  • Hosting solution to avoid technical maintenance

Youl have full access to Help-Desk support with professionals ready to answer any question you may have. With a CMMS system hosted by Logimatic you do not have to think about IT hardware and the hosting solution is automatically updated, so we can secure backup of all your data and settings.

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The INEXTIA subscription includes license, hosting, backup routines, system updates and support.

INEXTIA is available in three layouts. Match one of the three package layouts with your functional needs.

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If you are considering digitalizing your maintenance, please contact me.

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