With the Job Relation module it is possible to relate multiple jobs to a main job and thereby finalize all related jobs at once. That eases maintenance routes such as lubrication, inspection, calibration, and cleaning.

When working with maintenance routes it often includes multiple components, elements, and jobs. To get a correct job history, you will have to finalize a job for each of the included components.

With job relations you do not need to spend unnecessary time finalizing every single job. You work with a main job and relate multiple jobs. That means, you only have to finalize the main job, which automatically finalizes the related jobs. This ensures the correct job history on every single component and not only on one main component.

Use the module with the INEXTIA app and secure access to data on your maintenance routes.

Key functions:

  • Relate multiple jobs to one main job
  • Finalize multiple jobs at once
  • Choose an order of jobs on maintenance routes


  • Simplify maintenance routes
  • Get a correct job history on components
  • Save time on entering information on jobs
Contact me and hear how the Job Relation module can optimize maintenance in your organization.

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