Logimatic has more than 30 years of experience with development of Asset Management solutions.
The headquarter is placed in Aalborg, Denmark, and furthermore we have sales and support offices in Asia and South America. Learn more about the company at logimatic.com and follow us at LinkedIn.

Logimatic is the right partner for us as we are not only buying a system but forming a solid partnership.

Alexander Vogensen, Data Specialist

  • Marius Pedersen A/S

– More than just software

With INEXTIA you do not just get a system. We believe in collaboration and partnership and we know that it is the great service and support that makes the difference.

Logimatic is an owner-managed company with 120 employees.


Other solutions from Logimatic

SERTICA Maintenance is a client server maintenance system designed to manage, monitor and document maintenance activities in all types of businesses.

Go to sertica.com/industrial


RENOMATIC is used by municipalities, waste companies and renovators to administer, settle and manage waste collection. The solution covers all activities from registration of customers to collection.

Go to logimatic.com/systems/renomatic


FotoDok is an app for photo documentation, in-depth review and quality assurance of everyday tasks. Achieve administrative time savings in the office as photo documentation is easily created via mobile. Simply send images and text to the FotoDok server from which you can access your completed report.

Go to logimatic.com/systems/fotodok/


LOGIA is the recognized IT platform that can manage and optimize everything in warehousing and logistics. A solution that digititalizes the warehouse and logistics, and offers new opportunities to optimize and trim the logistics to an extent that makes the investment interesting.

Go to logimatic.com/systems/logia/

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Louise Feld Petersen


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