Document Management is an integrated possibility in INEXTIA which makes it possible to store all relevant documents in one single system.

The Document Management module in INEXTIA reduces downtime since you no longer need to go back to the office to get technical drawings, manuals, etc. Documents can, among other things, be attached to components, jobs, and procedures to support and guide the user. The attached documents are available through your web browser and INEXTIA app.

A document should be understood in a wide sense as it handles files such as PDF, Word, Excel, photos, drawings, links, and videos.

Changes to an existing document in INEXTIA will automatically update the locations where the document is associated. When a document is updated, a version history with date, user, etc. is created.

Key functions:

  • Attach documents to components and jobs
  • See the documents attached to jobs in the app
  • Create documents as PDF, link, picture, Word, etc.


  • Store all relevant documents in one system
  • View the changelog on documents
  • Easy routines when updating documents
Contact me if you are you considering digitalizing maintenance and would like to hear more about document management.

Christina Marie Melgaard


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