Achieve a digitalized and effective procurement routine based on your scheduled tasks and inventory.

Få styr på lagerbeholdning med indkøb i INEXTIA

The Procurement module in INEXTIA makes it possible to create, send and receive purchase orders. The entire procurement flow is controlled directly in the maintenance system and therefore secures full traceability.

Optimize your procurement flow with easy routines

Creating a purchase order in the maintenance system can be done directly from the job, item, and procurement screen. This means that you can create a purchase order directly on a service task that requires an external resource.

The module also allows you to actively use your minimum and maximum inventory when creating new purchase orders. You can easily adjust the quantity of all or individual spare parts, according to your inventory, on your new purchase order. This ensures that you will always have your most important spare parts in stock for your maintenance tasks and is automatically updated at the same time maintaining a reasonable economic stock value.

Automatic update of stock when receiving spare parts

When receiving spare parts or items, you have the option in the system to receive the entire order at once or choose which spare parts have been received and note which spare parts are not delivered by the supplier. Once you have accepted that the order has been received, the inventory is automatically updated with the received quantity.

Key Functions:

  • Create purchase orders from the maintenance system
  • Procurement of items and spare parts based on minimum inventory
  • Create purchase orders on service tasks and spare items
  • Receive or partially receive deliveries from suppliers


  • Digitalization of procurement routines
  • Traceability of purchase orders
  • Less paper administration and paper waste
  • Traceability of previous spare part cost prices

If you manage procurement from a financial system, you can advantageously optimize your routines with our Stock App→

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