The Job Request module makes it easy for all employees to request the maintenance department to create tasks and defect reporting.

INEXTIA jobanmodnings modul på computer

The Job Request module secures important data and the history of ad hoc tasks, defect reporting, and job requests. Employees outside the maintenance department can easily use the module through their browser on computers, tablets, and mobiles – or by scanning a QR code. It is also possible to create a direct integration to your internal intranet for easy access to the module.

With this module, you can create and design different types of job request templates. Therefore, it fits all needs no matter the type of company.

You do not need to be a regular user of INEXTIA to use the Job Request module. You only need access to a browser through a computer, tablet, or mobile.

Design your Job Requests directly in the Maintenance System.

Create and design templates for job requests in INEXTIA. Choose between different options such as text boxes, dropdown menus, checkboxes with drag n’ drop, and which fields are mandatory. This way you secure that the necessary data is obtained when employees outside the maintenance department submit job requests.

Create and delegate jobs from submitted Job Requests.

INEXTIA indbakke til jobanmodning

Incoming job requests are gathered and structured in an inbox in INEXTIA. Here you can create a job or reject the job request. When a job is created based on a job request, it is automatically created in the correct places. Here it is possible to plan and delegate the job to make sure the request is handled.

Key functions:

  • Direct integration to the internal intranet
  • Design different job request templates
  • Easy web access through a computer, tablet, or mobile
  • Access job requests with QR-codes
  • Create and delegate jobs


  • Easy routines with job requests
  • The entire organization can request a job
  • Ad hoc jobs are structured in a system
  • Get a structured inbox with job requests
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