This module enables you to connect multiple factories and sites to the same installation in INEXTIA.

The more sites operating, the harder it can become to get an overview of your data. With INEXTIA Site Management, you can manage all your sites from one system instead of parallel installations for each site. By storing information in one place, you can ensure that everyone – from headquarters to factory floors – follows the same procedures.

Control data accessibility for individual users

As administrator, you can create users who operate across different sites. This way, your key employees can access all relevant sites, avoiding ’information overload’ because they only see the data they need. It becomes easy for them to maintain an overview.

Data will not be mixed together unnecessarily. You can access data from each site because they still have their own lists of components and jobs. INEXTIA Site Management enables you to see the big picture as well as separate site information.

Compare data across sites

You can create reports with data across sites. This makes it possible to compare data from one site to another site, and when you compare data in Analytics, it becomes easier to spot possibilities of improvement or optimization.

By connecting multiple sites to the same installation, you increase the accessibility of data – both for the management and for each user. Information from the whole concern is gathered at one place rather than on several disconnected installations. In other words, you have access to all data in one system and can compare this data across sites.


  • Complete overview of data
  • Administration of data in one system
  • Streamlined work procedures
  • Online and offline management of data from each site  

Key functions

  • Uniform security updates and policies across all sites.
  • Easy addition and integration of new sites without complex setup.
  • Personalized data and report viewing for each user.

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