The INEXTIA App offers the possibility of managing maintenance jobs and forms when you are on the move.

INEXTIA app og formular modul

You can create, activate and finalize jobs directly from your INEXTIA app. Each job has a short job description, job history, and details about the related components.

You can find and read documents, register time, and consumed spare parts, attach photos as documentation and even use QR-codes and barcode scanning when using components and spare parts.

If you have the Forms module, you can also create, fill in and submit forms without attaching documentation. You can design your own layout in INEXTIA from scratch or use one of the given templates. Fill in the form and send it to INEXTIA when it is approved or ready to be approved. You can also create checklists from your mobile device or tablet.

The app gives you easy access to the jobs and forms you need wherever you are.

The app can be used offline and synchronizes the content with INEXTIA once your mobile device or tablet is online again.

Key functions:

  • See important details on jobs
  • Submit counter data on the move
  • Access data by scanning QR-codes
  • Create defect reports from your app


  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Access job lists on the move
  • Use the app when you are offline
Contact me to hear more about the INEXTIA app.

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