The Forms module allows you to submit information and reports in a familiar and consistent way.

You can design which fields to fill since the data fields in the forms refer to INEXTIA, which means that some fields are filled in automatically and subsequently stored in INEXTIA.

Forms can be advantageously made compulsory if specific information or control of a work process is needed in relation to a maintenance job. In addition, it is possible to save a checklist as a form for a specific job or security procedure.

Easy reporting and planning.

You can report accidents, work permits, or monthly listings in the form. In addition, you can set up approval procedures and get tasks displayed correctly in the activity planning. This makes reporting and planning of security activities easier and more efficient.

Key functions:

  • Design and create different checklists
  • Use elements such as dropdown, radio buttons, etc.
  • Attach forms on jobs and submit them on the move


  • Save time and resources with easy access to data
  • Eliminate huge email attachments and paper copies
  • Receive data for analysis
  • Collect data in a known and consistent way

Fill out Forms and checklists from your web browser and INEXTIA App.

Contact me and hear how the Forms module can optimize maintenance in your organization.

Christina Marie Melgaard


Sofiendalsvej 5B
DK-9200 Aalborg
+45 7214 1214