Analytics is INEXTIA’s reporting and analyzing tool.

Analytics offers you the possibility to analyze all data in the system. It is possible to show data directly in INEXTIA and export it to Excel with graphs, tables, and diagrams.

INEXTIA Analytics grafer

Reports and analyzes are created based on the company’s internal needs and focus areas. These can, as an example, show optimization opportunities at different levels, budget for the monthly usage of spare parts, actual consumption of spare parts, exceeded jobs, next week’s jobs, and much more.

Receive reports directly in your email inbox.

When creating a report and saving the template in Excel, you can create an email subscription. As an example, it can be useful to receive the estimated usage of spare parts on a monthly basis. Thereby, you ensure having the right parts in stock and jobs can be completed as scheduled. Every time a report is received, it is automatically updated with the newest data from INEXTIA.

Key functions:

  • Create reports with data from INEXTIA
  • Create email subscriptions on reports
  • Design graphs with data in Excel


  • Use existing data to optimize
  • Receive reports with important data in your mailbox
  • Get an overview of maintenance budgets and use of spare parts
Contact me and hear how Analytics can optimize maintenance in your organization.

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