We have many years of experience with maintenance systems. Close cooperation with customers from different industries has resulted in a unique flexibility that ensures optimization and efficiency for all types of companies regardless of size.

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Our vessels must be constantly ready to take action. Therefore, it is crucial that maintenance is planned and performed on time.

Robert Hansen, Boatmaster

INEXTIA helps us optimize and create better working routines in our maintenance department.

Dorthe Thorius Bek, Project Assistant

By converting existing maintenance data into a cloud-based solution such as INEXTIA we can leave the overall IT responsibility to RINA Digital Solutions.

Henrik Vægter, Maintenance Manager

In INEXTIA we can follow the actual costs associated with maintaining our production lines and equipment.

Lars Christian Buch, Maintenance Manager

  • Hirtshals Havn
  • Løsning Fjernvarme
  • Bates Cargo-Pak
  • Elektro-Isola

Customer Cases


Fiberline has INEXTIA operating on 70% of the main production in Middelfart.


Colas will to use INEXTIA in all workshops, gravel pits, buildings, machinery and laboratories.


Colas are already experiencing that the everyday has become more efficient.

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Christina Marie Melgaard


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