With the Maps module, you can see your job list based on GPS coordinates.

Your job list is visualized on a map to get a geographical view of how your jobs are located. You can both activate and finalize jobs from this view.

INEXTIAs kort modul på en computer

Add GPS coordinates to components and jobs

You can add GPS coordinates directly on the component and the job. If the coordinates are added to the component, they will automatically transfer to the attached jobs.

The GPS coordinates added to a job allow you to locate exactly where the problem occurred e.g., on components such as pipes or wiring.

Use the map functionality in your INEXTIA App

If you are using INEXTIA on the move, you have the possibility to view your job list on a map from your app. You also have the functionality to set a radius and see a list of jobs near you. This will minimize the waste of time driving back and forth from one job to another.

Key functionality:

  • Add GPS coordinates directly on components and jobs
  • Activate and finalize jobs directly from the map view
  • Get a list of jobs near you


  • Plan the execution of jobs based on their geographical location
  • Get a visual view of job locations
  • Minimize time spent on transportation

Learn more about the INEXTIA App

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