The Stock App gives you an easy overview of your spare parts and where they are located.

Introduce simple routines of stock management and ensure an updated inventory to maintain control of your stock levels with the Stock App.

The Stock App supports offline functionality – you can operate the app without any network connection and synchronize once you have internet.

Create easy Stock Management routines with QR-codes

When you need to find a specific spare part in the app, you can either use the search dialog or scan a QR code. On the spare part screen, you can adjust stock levels, move spare parts from one location to another and perform the stock count.

When receiving spare part orders, you can easily adjust your stock levels by scanning the QR code and typing the number of new spare parts.

Access the module in your INEXTIA App which shows the same warehouse structure as created in INEXTIA.

Key functions:

  • Adjust inventory from your INEXTIA App
  • Find a specific spare part with a QR-code


  • Achieve control of your stock from your mobile devices
  • Easy routines of stock management and inventory
  • Get an overview of stock locations and spare parts
Contact me and hear how the Stock App module can optimize maintenance in your organization.

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