INEXTIA’s job list is one of the most central screens in the System.

When logging in, this is the screen visualizing which job task you should complete. The Job List creates the optimum basis for planning your workday.

INEXTIA jobliste

From the Job List, you easily get access to important information. With a single click, you can choose between different jobs. Here, you quickly see the date of complement, job description, job history, resources, estimated spare parts, documents/photos etc. related to the given job.

The Job List can be created on a user level. Thereby, you only see relevant jobs and tasks and unnecessary “noice” will be reduced. At the same time, you increase the usability. To improve the overview further, you can create lists based on e.g. teams, location, components and users. These specific lists are also shown in the INEXTIA app and can be assigned to several users.

The job list is available both through your browser and in the INEXTIA app.

Key functions:

  • Activate and finalize jobs directly from the job list
  • Create job lists with different filters
  • See the job list in three different views
  • Postpone jobs directly from the job list
  • Print jobs with related information
  • Save multiple job lists with different filters for a better overview


  • Get an overview of planned jobs
  • Easy access to important job details
  • Plan your day based on a job list
Contact me and hear how a simple and accessible job list can optimize maintenance for your business.

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