There are many advantages to a cloud-based maintenance system. You do not need to think of purchasing servers, internal installation, backup routines, system updates, and much more. In short, we take care of everything to make sure INEXTIA is up and running, so you only need to focus on using the system.

With a hosted solution like INEXTIA, you avoid focusing on internal IT. Today, many companies outsource their responsibilities with IT, which is often a significant cost on the maintenance budget. You can avoid this cost with INEXTIA because RINA Digital Solutions takes responsibility for operating your maintenance system.

Avoid extra costs such as:

  • External service agreements for servers
  • Hidden costs with operations, electricity, and cooling of servers
  • Internal IT Administration
  • Backup routines of data
  • External IT consultants for installation and system updates

Learn more about backup routines→

If you have any questions about a hosted solution, please contact me.

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