The Certificate module enables you to plan necessary renewals and verifications of certificates, as well as manage changes to existing certificates.

With INEXTIA, you can organize certificates into logical groups and notify the responsible employee or department when a specific certificate requires attention.

Maintain validity with a digital certificate archive

INEXTIA electronically stores all your certificates in a comprehensive and secure database environment. When adding a new file as a certificate, a unique filename is automatically generated. These files are displayed in the certificate area, providing easy access for all employees.

Whether you are in the office, at the factory, or at a production facility, you can easily navigate through INEXTIA’s certificate browser and find the physical location of any certificate, along with its expiration date or next verification date.

Automatic notifications are sent when action is needed regarding certificates, ensuring that you are always updated and able to take the necessary measures to maintain the valid certificates.

Key features:

  • Store electronic certificates
  • Organize certificates into logical groups
  • Notify relevant stakeholders when a certificate requires attention
  • Assign responsibilities to the right individuals


  • Get an intuitive and efficient overview of all registered certificates
  • Achieve continuous validity for your certificates
  • Avoid overlooking upcoming renewals of certificates
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