In INEXTIA the possibility for Stock Management is fully integrated.

The extent of details for spare parts is based on the company’s internal needs. You can add information such as technical details, supplier information, central storage, remote warehouse, and shelf numbers.

INEXTIA Stock Management

Spare parts can be attached at component, job, and job history levels.

It creates a better overview when purchasing spare parts for certain components. This creates an overview when, for example, you have to order spare parts for individual components.

If you attach spare parts at the job level, you easily get an overview of the expected consumption. This data can be used for budgeting or daily planning since you know which spare parts are necessary in order to complete the job. Attach spareparts from your webbrowser and INEXTIA App.

When a job is completed, the consumed spare parts will be transferred to the job history which results in a specific consumption for next time. Furthermore, when a spare part is attached to the job history, the consumed number will also be deducted from the spare part stock automatically.

Key functions:

  • Update spare parts with technical details, prices, and supplier info
  • Attach spare parts to components and jobs
  • Register the use of spare parts
  • Structure inventory with location, shelf number, and other details


  • Keep track of the use of spare parts
  • Easy routines with spare parts
  • Keep your inventory on a reasonable level
Contact me and hear how the Stock Management module can optimize maintenance in your organization.

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