We live in a competitive world where it is important that maintenance does not slow down the productivity. Efficiency decreases if production is put on hold due to unforeseen maintenance tasks. Long-term downtime means that money is lost.

Optimize maintenance tasks and the daily operations with INEXTIA maintenance system


The systems are aimed at the often hectic life of the maintenance department, whether you work in facility management, production or utilities. A maintenance system provides an overview of vital information about maintenance, as well as the possibility of reporting maintenance jobs. You gain traceability, document management and easy access to history.

An app makes it easy to report errors with photo documentation, which means that people are able to report errors faster than usual. Create a task with photos and description of what bugs to fix. It is possible to insert GPS coordinates on the equipment so it is easy to find afterwards. With a CMMS system, downtime and stop of operations can be kept to a minimum. In addition, structured maintenance results in fewer human errors in the organization.

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  • Less inventory levels
  • Better utilization of the company’s capacity
  • Reducing waste time and waiting time
  • Stable delivery to customers
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Knowledge-sharing between employees and departments

For a long time, the Asphalt factory Colas Danmark A / S in Nørresundby has focused on digitalization in connection with maintenance and optimization of this.

Mikkel Haldrup Jensen from Colas, says, “The keyword is that the system should be easy and accessible, otherwise our people just say they don’t have time for it. Therefore, you need to be able to report errors quickly and get a quick overview of today’s tasks. In this context, a cloud-based maintenance system is a great help, because we always have access to the system wherever we are. INEXTIA will replace our post-it system, which will cause tasks to be delayed instead of being solved here-and-now. That is also why the INEXTIA app will play an important role. ”

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