The Journal in INEXTIA is perfect for registering events and offers great assistance if multiple shifts are custom at your workplace.

Events can be observations, interruptions, or errors that happen during operations and need to be registered. The Journal creates indispensable knowledge sharing between co-workers and departments.

Logbogsmodulet demonstreres på skærm

With the Journal, you can easily create and delegate a job based on an event. The job will automatically retrieve information such as components, job names, and job descriptions from the event.

Design your own template for collecting information

The Journal module is built upon the dynamic usage pattern that characterizes INEXTIA. This means that you on your own can create, name, and design fields for collecting information in case of an event. By doing this, you decide for yourself which information is important for your company – no matter which type of event you encounter.

Get an overview of your journal with custom search filters

You might find it difficult to get a complete overview when facing a long list of events. Therefore, the Journal offers the possibility to create and save different filters. By using filters, you can easily shift between different information such as general information, error reports, and what happened in the last couple of shifts.

Key functions:

  • Create and delegate jobs based on an event
  • Design your template for collecting information
  • Create various search filters to get a quick overview


  • Create a digital overview of events
  • Share important events across several departments
  • Set up events digitally in your maintenance system
Contact me and hear how the Journal quickly can give an overview of events.

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