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05.05.2020 - News

The maintenance system INEXTIA is developing and Logimatic is now launching the new Job Request module

INEXTIA jobanmodning på mobil og computer

Logimatic is a first mover when it comes to customer needs and market demands. Therefore, we are excited to launch yet another module – Job Request.

The new Job Request module makes it easy for the organization to submit job requests and defect reporting to the maintenance department. it is always important to secure data of ad hoc jobs in the maintenance system whether you work with manufacturing, utility or facility management. This module creates simple routines for the maintenance department. The incoming requests will appear in a structured inbox in INEXTIA, where the department can either reject or delegate the request.

Some customers at Logimatic are already using the new module. Bilal Khalil, Maintenance Associate at Fiberline tells, “We have experienced that our operators, who are not regular users of INEXTIA, need to submit job requests to our maintenance department. The fact, that they now have the opportunity to scan a QR code with their tablets and fill out a predefined job request template, makes the routines of our operators very simple.”

Louise Feld Petersen, Brand & Sales Manager at Logimatic says, “Lately we have experienced that the market calls for the opportunity of submitting job requests to the maintenance department. The Job Request module fits all segments because customers can design templates matching their individual needs. Therefore, I have great expectations to our new module.”

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