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10.12.2020 - News

The cleantech company PLASTIX’s goal is to expand the production and is implementing INEXTIA to optimize maintenance.

PLASTIX’s goal is to expand the production and warehouse. In the future, the company will optimize their maintenance routines with Logimatic’s CMMS solution INEXTIA.

PLASTIX is a Danish company that transforms used fishing nets into plastic granule, which afterwards can be reused to create new products. The company’s goal is to expand their product capacity to reach minimum 30.000 tons of granule per year. They want to lift their ability to produce a wider and more versatile range of granule.

Because of the expansion they need a new maintenance system to digitalize the internal workflows and daily operating routines. Therefore, PLASTIX is looking forward to implementing INEXTIA and be able to use the app and mobile devices.   

Martin Jacobsen, Head of Maintenance at PLASTIX, tells, “Due to our expansion we lack a new tool for planning and structuring maintenance. The implementation of INEXTIA gives us a great advantage in our workday in terms of planning the maintenance of our production lines. In the end it means that we can avoid unnecessary downtime.”

David Knudsen, Project Manager at Logimatic, adds, “INEXTIA enables PLASTIX to set up their production lines in the system and attach maintenance jobs to them. This gives an overview of when to do specific maintenance jobs to keep the production running. Therefore, I am sure that PLASTIX will quickly achieve increased productivity and efficiency with INEXTIA.”


PLASTIX is a Danish cleantech company specialized in converting fiber into Green Plastic raw materials. The fibers mainly come from fishing net, trawl and ropes that previously would have ended up in the ocean or on landfill. The company prevents valuable resources from going to waste. PLASTIX produces different types of recycled plastic, which they supply to several companies who uses it to produce garden furniture, mobile covers, lamps and much more. 

The company is located in Lemvig, and currently has 32 employees.

About Logimatic

Logimatic is the company behind INEXTIA. Logimatic has more than 120 employees and more than 30 years of global experience in developing and implementing the maintenance systems SERTICA and INEXTIA.  The solutions are niche products with a central focus increasing the clients’ competitiveness with optimized maintenance.

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