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07.05.2018 - News

TAABBEL chooses INEXTIA to manage maintenance

The choice of the cloud-based maintenance system INEXTIA means that P. TAABBEL & Co can get the required documentation and data fast and easy in the future.

TAABBEL manufactures and sells seafood products to both domestic and international markets from their location in Hanstholm. Maintenance is an important element of their business, as the production always needs to keep up with market demand.

No maintenance system has been implemented in the past, as maintenance has been performed based on routines over the past several years. In the coming years, however, TAABBEL will experience a shift to new technicians as several of the present technicians retire. Therefore, they risk that internal knowledge about maintenance will be lost. In cocnlusion, it is necessary to structure and share across the organization now.

Per Toft, Technical Manager explains, “In the future, it is extremely important for us to ensure knowledge about maintenance in the company. And the implementation of INEXTIA will make this possible. At the same time, the system will help create an overview of our internal processes and ensure that we are ahead of our maintenance, so that production always works optimally.”

Hans Chr. Jensen, Head of Sales at Logimatic says, “Today we see many people working with maintenance, who stores frequencies, fault information and solutions only by memory, which is not wrong. But this can make it difficult to retain important knowledge in the company. This is exactly what INEXTIA will be able to do. At the same time, a maintenance system can help reduce the pressure on employees, as knowledge sharing can now be done through INEXTIA. Therefore, in the future, they will depend less on each other and more on the maintenance system.”

Per Toft, Technical Manager elaborates, “As INEXTIA becomes our first maintenance system, it is important that the system is clear and easy to access for our employees. Furthermore, the fact that the solution from INEXTIA is price-friendly and contains the necessary tools has contributed to our choice of INEXTIA.”

Per has previously worked with the maintenance system SERTICA, which is also supplied by Logimatic and says in this connection: “I am very optimistic about the maintenance system INEXTIA and expect that the daily users will actively work in the system in a relatively short time.”

A CMMS system that creates value across the organization
TAABBEL also sees other opportunities in INEXTIA. The system can be used by several departments and information can be obtained across the company. For example, the company’s laboratory will be able to use INEXTIA for document management and storage of important documents.

Hans Chr. Jensen concludes, “INEXTIA is a cloud-based maintenance system and Logimatic therefore hosts it all, so TAABBEL does not have to think about backup routines and data security. This makes the workday of the internal IT department significantly easier.”

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