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26.10.2018 - News

Quantafuel Skive ApS digitalizes maintenance with a cloud-based CMMS

Quantafuel would like the processes concerning maintenance to be digitalized at their new PtL (Plastic to Liquid) factory in Skive, Denmark. Therefore, they have chosen a cloud-based maintenance system.

Quantafuel is just in the process of building their first PtL (Plastic To Liquid) factory, which will be part of the new business area in GreenLab Skive. From 2019, the facotory will produce a high quality environmentally-friendly fuel by recycling waste plastics from the Danish waste sector.

From the first day of production, the company has a desire to perform maintenance. Rico Lorentzen, Operations Manager at Quantafuel says, “It is important for us to have a system that is easily accessible to our workers and that ensures a firm structure on daily maintenance jobs. At the same time, we see it as an advantage that we can create knowledge and history on a digital platform like INEXTIA. ”

Hans Chr. Jensen, Head of Sales at Logimatic says, “In the development of INEXTIA, our focus has been on accessibility and the ease of use. A simple job list is always accessible through the Job App, where job text, information, as well as important documents and images, can be accessed. The fact that the system can be accessed via mobile devices ensures that important knowledge can be entered at all times, which gives Quantafuel an indispensable knowledge library.”

A cloud-baseret maintenance system

Today companies rely on digital solutions, and purchasing new systems can therefore be a huge internal decision. Rico Lorentzen explains, “The fact that INEXTIA is a cloud-based system has been a great benefit to our internal decision process. It has eased our responsibility regarding IT in relation to the system and the technical aspects in relation to the system”

Hans Chr. Jensen elaborates, “We often see companies and IT departments experiencing major challenges when purchasing a new system, bcause they usually think a lot about servers, backup routines, security and much more. With a cloud-based solution like INEXTIA, you avoid all that – We make it simple ”

About Quantafuel
Quantafuel A/S is a Norwegian technology-driven energy company, which has developed a technology that now makes it possible to recycle waste plastic to a High Value Low-Carbon Synthetic Fuel. Quantafuel A/S is in the process of building their first PtL facotory using this technology. The factory will be able to recycle 60 tonnes of waste plastic per day and will employ approximately 20 employees.

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About Logimatic
Logimatic is the company behind INEXTIA. With more than 100 employees, Logimatic has more than 30 years of global experience in development and implementation of Fleet Management software. Professional support is provided to customers all over the world from offices in Denmark and Singapore. The solutions are niche products with a central focus on always increasing our customers’ competitiveness with optimized fleet management.

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