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30.11.2017 - News

Logimatic’s mobile maintenance program INEXTIA makes Colas Danmark A/S go digital

Even before launching INEXTIA, Colas Danmark A/S had signed a contract with Logimatic regarding the maintenance program, which can be accessed from the cloud.

Colas becomes the world’s first user of the recently launched INEXTIA system. Logimatic is behind the launch and is also the company behind the sister product SERTICA, which has a core similar to INEXTIA. However, this is a completely different product with an increased focus on being user-friendly, as well as its mobility and usability. INEXTIA is a cloud-based solution and that is why Logimatic was chosen when Colas Denmark was looking for a maintenance system.

Mikkel Haldrup Jensen, Energy Consultant at Colas says, “We have been in dialogue with several different suppliers of maintenance systems, and INEXTIA is without a doubt the most sensible and complete solution we have seen. We get a total solution at a fixed subscription price, so we do not have to think about hosting or support.”

Nørresundby asphalt factory has been involved in development work with INEXTIA and will also be a cooperating partner in the future. This means that the factory, as one of the first users of INEXTIA, has had the possibility to test and make suggestions of improvements to the maintenance system.

Signe Skelgaard, User Experience Consultant at Logimatic explains, “I have visited Colas in Nørresundby several times and received very valuable input on how the system can be fine-tuned. In particular, we have focused on simplicity and ease of use, but we have also discussed new features. The fact that we have had a customer involved in the development phase has clearly been a huge advantage. It helps us develop a technical product that at the same time suits the user’s wishes and needs in everyday life. The collaboration also continues after the product launch, as it is important for us that INEXTIA is a success for our first customer. “

Mikkel Haldrup Jensen explains, “There is no doubt that INEXTIA has a lot of smart technical features, but it is the flexibility we fell for. For example, we can customize the system for each user so that both super users and ordinary users can see different information. At the same time, each user can customize the information displayed in the system and how it is displayed on their screen in the form of columns and widgets to their individual profile.”

Colas has 464 employees in Denmark and has a permanent blacksmith at each factory. Colas expects approx. 60 of their employees will work with the INEXTIA maintenance system. Henrik Kusk, Mechanical Engineering Manager at Colas says, “INEXTIA will be the first system to plan our maintenance. Our experience has helped us realize that we need better planning and documentation – especially because we do most of our maintenance during the three winter months when the asphalt work is on standby. We want to gather all our data into one system. This applies not only to machine maintenance, but also to invoices, spare parts and supplier info. With INEXTIA we can even link suppliers to the various components and machines. ”

Colas has for a long time been focusing on digitalization, and INEXTIA is just one of the latest initiatives. Mikkel Haldrup Jensen explains, “The keyword is that it should be easy and accessible. We have a busy workday, so we need to be able to quickly report errors and get a simple overview of today’s tasks. We need to make it easy for ourselves and for our people in the field. INEXTIA will replace our current checklist system on paper, where we often experience that maintenance tasks are delayed.”

Hans Chr. Jensen, Head of Sales at Logimatic adds, “We see many companies that have a well-functioning paper system they use to keep track of their maintenance. But we live in a digitalized world and IoT follows us everywhere. Therefore, it makes sense to have a direct access to job listings, pictures and error messages wherever you are. Today, you can get on-the-go maintenance with a cloud-based system and apps where you can simply report with a photo from your phone. In addition, Colas has the ability to collect data via digital signals from their machines, resulting in optimized maintenance with precise maintenance intervals, operating savings as well as reduced fuel consumption and downtime.”

Both Logimatic and Colas are looking forward to the project and expect to be 100% operating with INEXTIA at the beginning of January 2018.

About Colas 
Colas Danmark A/S is one of Denmark’s largest road contracting companies. Colas covers the entire road construction process, from the production of asphalt and bitumen emulsion at its own factories and the operation of gravel pits, to milling and asphalingt in connection with new plants and maintenance. Colas Danmark A/S is part of the French-owned Colas Group, which is a global market leader in construction and infrastructure with activities in more than 50 countries.

About Logimatic
Logimatic is the company behind SERTICA. With more than 100 employees, Logimatic has more than 30 years of global experience in development and implementation of Fleet Management software. Professional support is provided to customers all over the world from offices in Denmark and Singapore. The solutions are niche products with a central focus on always increasing our customers’ competitiveness with optimized fleet management.  

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