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13.10.2020 - News

Logimatic’s decision to make a shift in technology is well received on the market, and many customers choose the cloud-based maintenance system INEXTIA.

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At the Ajour fair in November 2017 Logimatic launched the cloud-based maintenance system INEXTIA. It is a new system based on many years of experience with the similar system SERTICA, and it marks a change in technology.

During the past years maintenance has changed from paperwork, Excel and post-its to digital systems. The market is now ready for yet another change with the introduction of cloud-based systems. Louise Feld Pedersen, Brand & Sales Manager at Logimatic, tells, ”We have noticed how the market has changed and is ready for a cloud-based maintenance system and the demand for outsourcing IT has increased while maintenance is being digitalized.”

John Sloth, Project Manager & Owner from Adding Engineering, elaborates, “As an industrial engineering company it is exciting to follow the technological journey that Logimatic is on with INEXTIA. Because of the newly developed modules and the modules to come, the system embraces broadly compared to the Danish industry and demand.”

In the past few years, Logimatic has launched new functions like Job Request, Forms and Job Relation. Within the nearest future a procurement module is expected to be integrated in INEXTIA.

The Danish market is ready for the technological development with cloud-based solutions – but the question is if the rest of the world is ready?

The technological development is an important subject for existing and potential customers at Logimatic and many focus on how internal routines can be digitalized. The fact that internal IT is not a concern when choosing a cloud-system is very positive for both large and small companies.

Fortunately, COVID-19 has not stopped us from optimizing maintenance and within the last six months INEXTIA have gained more than 10 new customers within different industries in Denmark. It includes companies such as Kraftvarmeværk Thisted, PLASTIX and the ecological milk producer Naturmælk.

Louise Feld Petersen elaborates, ”I never know which type of customers we get as we have learned that it can be companies in all types of industries. However, all the new INEXTIA customers have something in common, which is that they see great advantages in having a system that they can access on the move. Besides that, the customers value a supplier who handles the practicalities of IT.”

Logimatic is excited about what to come in the next year and to see if the international market is also ready for a technological change. INEXTIA is already translated to English and Logimatic has also experienced interest in other languages.

Lars Riisberg, CEO at Logimatic Solutions, concludes, ”INEXTIA has been very well received on the Danish market and we can conclude that is was the right decision to develop a cloud-based system.”


  • Mobile and cloud-based maintenance system
  • Digital task management no matter your location
  • User-friendly, easy to access and simple
  • App for collecting documentation on the move

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About Logimatic

Logimatic is the company behind INEXTIA. Logimatic has more than 120 employees and more than 30 years of global experience in developing and implementing the maintenance systems SERTICA and INEXTIA.  The solutions are niche products with a central focus increasing the clients’ competitiveness with optimized maintenance.