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29.09.2020 - News

Jakobsens A/S chooses INEXTIA CMMS to manage maintenance in their production in Aulum.

With a desire to plan and structure maintenance and create an online library of knowledge, Jakobsens A/S has chosen to implement INEXTIA CMMS.

Jakobsens A/S is one of the largest honey manufacturers in Scandinavia. They are not used to plan maintenance in an online system, but now they are looking forward to using INEXTIA with its many benefits. The Analytics module and the app are especially expected to optimize their daily routines.

Hans Pedersen, Maintenance Technician at Jakobsens A/S tells, ”In our daily routines, we focus on securing ourselves against breakdowns in the production to make sure that we can utilize our full production capacity. The INEXTIA app will optimize and digitize our workflows on maintenance and error reporting.”  

Louise Feld Petersen, Brand & Sales Manager at Logimatic elaborates, “With the implementation of INEXTIA, Jacobsens A/S will always have access to history and important information on the INEXTIA app on all mobile units. Our Analytics module is an important tool for any company, and it ensures that the option for optimization, such as optimization of frequency, is visually illuminated. I am sure that those at Jakobsens A/S will quickly notice the effect of a digital CMMS like INEXTIA.” 

About Jakobsens A/S
Jakobsens A/S is one of the biggest honey manufacturers in Scandinavia. We offer a wide range of conventional, organic, and fair-trade honey as well as agave syrup for retail, catering, and industry.

In 2019 they added two new product categories – sweets and dressings. What our products have in common is honey as an ingredient and that the products are free from artificial aromas, colors, sweeteners and preservatives.

We primarily sell our products in Scandinavia but in recent years we have exported to several other European countries and China. Production and bottling of honey take place under fixed quality procedures and contributes to high quality products. Learn more at

About Logimatic
Logimatic is the company behind INEXTIA. Logimatic has more than 120 employees and more than 30 years of global experience in developing and implementing the maintenance systems SERTICA and INEXTIA.  The solutions are niche products with a central focus increasing the clients’ competitiveness with optimized maintenance.

Learn more about Logimatic and INEXTIA.