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10.05.2022 - News

INEXTIA launches new function: Excel Import

RINA Digital Solutions eases the users’ work routines with even simpler import of data to INEXTIA

With Excel Import, users are now able to create large amounts of data in a simple way. The function is shown to its full advantage when INEXTIA users need to import data, e.g. from a new system or a new production line. The supplier of the new system just have to set-up data in an Excel file, and hereafter, the file can be imported to INEXTIA. It is easy and simple.

Import different types of data

With this new function, RINA Digital Solutions wishes to ease the users’ work when creating data in INEXTIA. Thus, the function is able to import different types of data.

Excel Import supports Components, Documents as well as Jobs. This means that the function can be used to assist with document management or transfer of data from one system to another, among other processes.