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09.01.2020 - News

Moving forward, Fiberline Composites A/S will be structuring maintenance with INEXTIA

Fiberline Composites A/S is in the process of implementing the newly purchased maintenance system INEXTIA, which in the future will be a primary tool in the daily operations department.

The Danish company Fiberline is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of glass and carbon fiber profiles. For several years, they have experienced great internal growth and global demand for their products, which has contributed to the decision to invest in a maintenance system.

Bilal Khalil, Fiberline’s Maintenance Associate, explains, “As our production grows, we lack a tool to plan and structure our operational tasks. In order for production to always run optimally, it is important that our scheduled jobs are performed on time. A maintenance system like INEXTIA gives us the best conditions for our maintenance people to always access their job list and thus ensure that nothing is forgotten.”

Louise Feld Petersen, Brand & Sales Manager at Logimatic continues, “We often experience that companies in growth suddenly feel a need to structure their work day in a system. INEXTIA should be seen as a tool for the daily operations and maintenance department to help and guide employees to plan their workday and reduce human errors based on company data.”

At the same time, Fiberline is looking for a system that can highlight optimization opportunities to ensure that the right routines and frequencies are always used in connection with scheduled jobs.

Bilal Khalil says, “We need a system that can graphically show where the opportunities for improvement exist. Therefore, it is a big advantage that INEXTIA includes an Analytics module that can help analyze our data.”

Louise Feld Petersen elaborates, “It can be really difficult to see optimization opportunities from a large pile of numbers. The Analytics module can provide a visual image of various KPIs with data extracted directly from INEXTIA. These KPIs support a data-driven choice to optimize. The reports in Analytics can automatically be sent to a mail inbox with a certain frequency, so Fiberline is always aware of opportunities to improve and thereby increase production rate and growth. ”

Fiberline is already in the process of structuring data in the system and the first employees have just started to use the app in their daily operating routines.

About Fiberline Composites A/S
Fiberline is a family-owned company founded in 1979. The company is headquartered at Barmstedt Allé in Middelfart, a technology center also in Middelfart and a factory in China. Al in all, the company has more than 300 employees who share a common fascination with the possibilities of a new material.

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About Logimatic
Logimatic is a Danish engineering and technology company with more than 120 employees. They specialize in software and automation solutions to the maritime industry, and for more than 30 years they have helped businesses advance by optimizing and streamlining internal processes. Their in-house developed solutions are tailored for the maritime, production, utilities, logistics and energy sectors – and their consultancy services are based on a profound industry-expertise and tailored to meet each customer’s individual needs.

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