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30.01.2020 - News

Less IT responsibility and more time for maintenance is the result of Skamol converting to INEXTIA

Outsourcing the IT responsibilities is a crucial factor for Skamol when it comes to choosing a maintenance system.

For the past 10 years, Skamol has been using Logimatic’s maintenance system SERTICA, which has been contributing in improving internal workflows and optimized maintenance.

Rikard H. Larsen, Maintenance Manager, at Skamol tells, “We have been very pleased with SERTICA, but when we heard about Logimatic’s launch of INEXTIA, we saw an opportunity to outsource IT responsibilities and thereby avoid the challenges that the IT system has historically made for Skamol. “

Dres Balling, Project Manager at Logimatic, elaborates, “A conversion to INEXTIA means that we can release Skamol for the responsibility for IT and servers . In the future, they must now focus only on optimizing their maintenance. We experience that many companies demand IT outsourcing.”

The conversion from SERTICA to INEXTIA has been completed successfully and today Skamol is actively using INEXTIA. In addition to outsourcing IT responsibilities, Skamol can now also plan, optimize and perform mobile maintenance tasks through the INEXTIA app.

About Skamol
Skamol is a Danish company established back in 1912, and today it is a leading global supplier of technical insulation systems for both industry and construction. The technical isolation systems aim to improve energy consumption, performance and indoor climate.
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About Logimatic
Logimatic is a Danish engineering and technology company with more than 120 employees. They specialize in software and automation solutions to the maritime industry, and for more than 30 years they have helped businesses advance by optimizing and streamlining internal processes. Their in-house developed solutions are tailored for the maritime, production, utilities, logistics and energy sectors – and their consultancy services are based on a profound industry-expertise and tailored to meet each customer’s individual needs.

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