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02.10.2023 - News

A new Dashboard module provides an overview of INEXTIA

We take pride in introducing our latest addition to INEXTIA: The Dashboard Module. Now, you have the capability to craft dashboards tailored to the requirements of your maintenance department, thereby streamlining the management of critical maintenance data and KPIs.

With the INEXTIA Dashboard, you can showcase a variety of data that is applicable across different departments. This visualization encourages collaboration and supports continuous improvements.

With seamless data integration, extracting information from Jobs, Component Overview, Analytics and the Form module becomes effortless. Whether your preference lies in tables, graphs, or charts, you can easily tailor your dashboards to mirror the data deserving of your attention.

One thing is certain: Utilizing our user-friendly dashboards allows you to react promptly to issues that require attention. These dashboards not only provide access to relevant information but also serve as invaluable tools in both managerial decision-making and operational needs.

Are you curious and want to know more?

Explore our demo and find inspiration in our catalog of examples showcasing how dashboards can streamline your maintenance routines.