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14.01.2020 - News

A conversion to INEXTIA Maintenance system strengthens internal operating routines at Hjørring Varmeforsyning

With a desire to make daily operations and maintenance tasks more available and visible, Hjørring Varmeforsyning has just been converted to the web-based maintenance system, INEXTIA.

For many years, Hjørring Varmeforsyning has been a customer at Logimatic and is using the maintenance system SERTICA for planning operational routines. Over a longer period, the compamy has had a desire for more accessibility via mobile devices.

Per Thomsen, Chief Operating Officer at Hjørring Varmeforsyning explains, “The change to INEXTIA means, that we can now access our job lists, report errors and take pictures directly from the mobile phone. It contributes to strengthening our daily operating routines and has created a great advantage in our everyday lives.”

Louise Feld Petersen, Brand & Sales Manager at Logimatic elaborates, “Logimatic’s two maintenance systems, SERTICA and INEXTIA, gives us to possibility of always matching and reaching our customers’ individual needs. Because of that, i am confident that our web-based system INEXTIA will match Hjørring Varmeforsyning’s wishes and create more accessibility via mobile devices.”

About Hjørring Varmeforsyning
Hjørring Varmeforsyning’s vision is to be among the best in continously securing heat at competitive prices. Furthermore, they aim to be an attractive partner for similar companies.

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About Logimatic
Logimatic is a Danish engineering and technology company with more than 120 employees. They specialize in software and automation solutions to the maritime industry, and for more than 30 years they have helped businesses advance by optimizing and streamlining internal processes. Their in-house developed solutions are tailored for the maritime, production, utilities, logistics and energy sectors – and their consultancy services are based on a profound industry-expertise and tailored to meet each customer’s individual needs.

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