As a standard, you will find predefined fields for technical information and component details, on the component screen in INEXTIA.

With the Master data module, you can create extra fields which match individual companies’ needs. Examples of extra fields include internal tag numbers, values of the component, and other important information which you would like to store in your maintenance system.

Use a designer to create new fields and choose between elements such as date selector, checkbox, text, number, and dropdown.

Create recognizability for the user with Master data

Maintenance departments use different languages and expressions in their daily routines. Sometimes, this does not match with the predefined fields in INEXTIA. The Master Data module gives you the opportunity to create new fields and rename them to match your company to create recognizability for the users.

Key functions:

  • Create extra fields on the component screen
  • Design fields with elements as dropdown and checkbox


  • Store important information in your maintenance system
  • Create recognizability for the user
  • Name fields to match your company
Contact me and hear how the Masterdata module can optimize maintenance in your organization.

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