The utility industry is focused on streamlining overall costs. Increased value creation can be achieved by reducing operating costs and with better utilization of fixed assets – which can be achieved with preventive maintenance.

The change to INEXTIA means that we can now access our job lists, report errors and take pictures directly from the mobile phone.

Per Thomsen, Chief Operating Officer

INEXTIA contributes to efficient operations by reducing costs and generating competitive advantages.


You can handle all preventative maintenance such as inspections, bug reporting, deficiency reports, resources, and scheduling in the same system.

INEXTIA quickly creates an overview and streamlines the workflow while saving valuable historical data. This means, among other things, that you reduce dependency on the individual employee.

With INEXTIA you have gathered all information, history, and documents, which makes it possible to share and maintain knowledge about your facilities. Therefore, you can identify problems faster and respond faster.

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INEXTIA helps you achieve your efficiency goals no matter how many systems you have. Your employees benefit from a structured working day and a far better working environment. Complex processes and planning are transformed into a simple job list.

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If you are considering digitalizing your maintenance, please contact me.

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