In production companies, efficiency, quality and a high production rate are crucial to success, so it is essential to avoid unnecessary downtime with planned maintenance.

INEXTIA gives us the best conditions for our maintenance people to always access their job list and thus ensure that nothing is forgotten.

Bilal Khalil, Maintenance Associate

INEXTIA is an ideal tool for planning and structuring tasks in a simple job list.


It is important that the right spare parts are in stock for maintenance jobs to be completed on time. INEXTIA offers to structure your warehouse, making it easy to find just the spare part you need or to order a new one if needed. This way you can link machine, maintenance, and procurement of spare parts. This makes it easy for both the buyer and technicians waiting for the spare part to follow the procurement and delivery process. You simply need to add the most important machines, and INEXTIA will help to structure and plan optimal maintenance.

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Scheduled maintenance extends the life of your machines. The fact that you have all the information, documents and history in INEXTIA makes it possible to share and maintain knowledge about your equipment and machines. You can quickly identify and proactively solve problems, which in the end saves you time and money.

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INEXTIA is the ideal system for organizing the maintenance of your machines to avoid downtime and reduce production downtime. Efficiency decreases if production is to be put on hold because unplanned maintenance is required.

The solution helps you achieve your production goals, whether you have one or multiple factories. INEXTIA is a system that transforms complex processes and planning into a simple job list. The accessibility, user-friendly interface and the INEXTIA app makes it easy for employees to perform maintenance.

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If you are considering digitalizing your maintenance, please contact me.

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