Pharmaceutical companies meet high demands regarding the daily operations of both authorities and customers in connection with the production. A high level of quality and safety at all stages of manufacturing is a necessity. INEXTIA ensures this quality. Not only is the system accepted by the authorities, but it also helps your maintenance department to think strategically.

Optimize internal routines with a flexible maintenance system.


Requirements from the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are a crucial factor for maintenance in pharmaceutical companies. This means that it is important to be able to document changes to the production equipment and keep track of maintenance procedures.

With INEXTIA you can document all maintenance history in connection to maintenance and thereby gain greater insight into the statistics of error messages and job requests. It enables you to act purposefully and optimize resoruces. The system also reduces downtime and ensures continuity of production throughout the year while providing preventive maintenance.

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You get full traceability for all machines, work procedures, machine calibration and building maintenance. INEXTIA makes it easy to manage, track and schedule maintenance to extend machine life, keep track of expensive spare parts and prevent equipment failure.

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