We have many different types of customers that cannot be categorized into a specific industry. But in principle, anyone who wants to optimize their maintenance department can use our maintenance program. INEXTIA is the ideal system for scheduling maintenance jobs and creating an overview of both work tasks and inventory.

INEXTIA optimizes maintenance for all types of businesses.


INEXTIA matches every industry, as structure and routines can be built according to the individual needs of your business. Build your structure according to geographic locations, premises, machinery, buildings and more. This opportunity ensures that you can create the best possible overview of your workday.

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The dynamic layout in INEXTIA enables you to hide areas of the system in order to create a simple user interface. You can also create job groups, procedures, priorities and postponement reasons based on the lingo used in your company. This helps to create recognizability of the system and the app for the user.

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INEXTIA can be build and structured to fit your routines and standards. The different modules and functionalities ensure that you can have important data history in the quality you need.

One of the most used modules in INEXTIA is the Forms module. This module gives you the opportunity to create and design your own forms and checklists. This will guide the users to which data they should obtain and how to do so – both through the web and the app.

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