Facility Management covers many different tasks within maintenance, service, and operation of buildings. Regardless of the nature of the task, it is important that resources are used efficiently so that users achieve better service and control of costs.

Most companies have a need for maintaining buildings and inventory. Such maintenance could include service and inspection of fire doors, roof, ventilation, suction and bathrooms.

The tree structure in INEXTIA makes it easy to create an overview of your locations and facilities and is therefore an ideal tool for maintenance of buildings and Facility Management.

Maintenance of buildings in INEXTIA:

  • App for documentation on the move
  • Checklists for reporting statutory inspections
  • Overview of locations, buildings, and inventory
  • Simple routines concerning Facility Management
  • Storage of important history and documentation

INEXTIA helps streamlining, digitalizing and systematizing task management. You get an overview of tasks and ensure that your resources are used optimally.

The solution is web-based, which further optimizes the work processes, since Facility Managers do not need a computer and Internet access to perform and document tasks.

Learn more about the INEXTIA App.

You can schedule ahead and enter time intervals for repetitive tasks. At the same time, you can document time consumption for each building as well as manage resources and scheduling of working hours in the system.

INEXTIA also makes it easy to document your inspections and all your history on equipment, machines, etc.

Optimize facility management with INEXTIA maintenance system.

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