Digitalization of Security Processes

Since 1982, the chimney of Verdo’s heat and power plant has been visible above the city’s rooftops. Here, Verdo operates two boilers and a turbine that supplies the entire Randers area. This provides a production capacity equivalent to 50 MW of electricity and 200 MW of heat in a year.

Production of this scale places high demands on the maintenance team. One of their focus areas has therefore been to digitize their safety processes, so that everyone works according to the same routines.

Digitalization should not be complicated

A heat and power plant covers a large area, so it is crucial that employees can use the system directly by the machines and enter data instantly.

With experiences from their previous maintenance system in mind, Verdo’s maintenance team is highly conscious of their specific needs for a new system.

For the team, it is essential that the new system adapts to their workflows and is not too complicated. It should be possible to replace old manual routines with new and more efficient processes.

Three aspects are particularly important to them:

  • Usability
  • Mobility
  • Local support

It is also important that the system is intuitive, even for employees who are not superusers of INEXTIA. Verdo wants to avoid incorrect data due to people’s lack of time to enter it.

“We strive to maintain so that we know our breakdowns, and INEXTIA should help us keep track.” – Head of the Maintenance Department, Simon Tougaard.

INEXTIA team på besøg ved Verdo i Randers

Safety monitoring as a routine

The overall goal has been to digitalize the processes. The maintenance team is introduced to and trained in INEXTIA so that the system becomes a permanent part of all work routines.

With the Forms module, Verdo has created a standardized form for specific measurements that need to be entered for approval. This includes mandatory near-miss reports and ensures that all feedback is compatible.

Head of the Maintenance Department, Simon Tougaard, explains: “The form and its mobility has been a great success, as we can easily take our phones with us and insert pictures as documentation. We have also added a drop-down menu to ensure that the forms cannot be filled out incorrectly.”

Verdo has several inspection rounds where temperature measurements are essential and require accuracy. Safety monitoring and risk management are therefore integrated parts of their daily routines in INEXTIA. With the Forms module, all measurements are conducted in a structured and predetermined order, ensuring precision in the data collection.

Verdo creates an overview in dashboards and has connected alarms in case of critical situations that require quick action.

Effective communication through Job Feedback

Verdo has made communication a central part of INEXTIA. Both the operator and the maintenance team use INEXTIA, making it crucial that everyone can access the history depending on what needs to be addressed.

The operator registers all incidents in the logbook. Once the incident is created on the component, it is easy for the craftsman to create a job based on the incident, if something needs to be fixed.

When the maintenance team has solved the problem, they note what has been done in the job history. This maintains a thread from the incident to the history, and thus, all communication on the component can be found.

Systems and routines work together in everyday life

The success Verdo experiences with INEXTIA is due to its user-friendliness and simplicity. Verdo knew from the start that a digital maintenance system would be effective if it met their needs.

 INEXTIA now plays a central role in their daily routines. The Dashboard module is a regular part of morning meetings, where dashboards clearly display feedback and any alarms that require attention.

The system has also simplified handovers to new employees who can view the entire data history, which is useful during holiday periods.

Chief Engineer Jakob Rasmussen says: “Before, our process was like a well-kept machine in people’s heads. Now it functions as a well-kept machine, accessible to everyone. With forms, we ensure that measurements and routine work are always carried out compatibly, regardless of who performs them.”

5 benefits of the Forms module from Verdo

  • Data entry on location has streamlined the rounds.
  • Ability to attach images in the form.
  • Pre-defined fields ensure that all feedback is compatible.
  • Insurance forms can be signed directly through INEXTIA.
  • The form can be used across departments.


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