Sindal Biogas increases production by 5%.

A solid tree structure combined with the use of the INEXTIA App and QR codes for inventory management contributes to Sindal Biogas increasing production. Collaboration on maintenance projects and optimization through Job Relations also saves them time in their daily routines.

About Sindal Biogas

Sindal Biogas has its roots firmly planted in the soil of North Jutland. They have a good relationship with the local community, as they receive pig and cattle manure, among other things, from local farmers, which is used in the production of biogas. Sindal Biogas has an annual biomethane production of about 20 million m³ per year and aims to increase this to 30 million m³ per year through future expansions.

With these growth aspirations and a world that has more focus and need for alternative energy sources, Sindal Biogas is very concerned that nothing goes to waste. The biogas is also a significant contribution to the green transition.

Ending manual maintenance routines

The workflow has previously been characterized by manual processes, Post-it notes, and Excel sheets, where it has been difficult to create an overview that is accessible to the whole team. Similarly, they wanted a better overview of the spare parts inventory, as there had previously been accumulations of spare parts that ended up not being used.

Sindal Biogas has a vision to reduce future machine downtime, as it can lead to a reduction in production.

Implementation of structured maintenance

As the production of biogas occurs in different phases, it has been important to establish a solid and scalable tree structure. This has provided them with the overview they wanted, which is also visible to the entire team.

With 6 people on the maintenance team, the INEXTIA App has become a regular part of their daily routines. Operations Technician, Anders H. Schlie, says, “Everyone in the team can access all jobs. They can easily activate and complete a job or edit the inventory when they need a spare part. This has made it easier for the team to collaborate on maintenance projects.

To maintain an overview of the inventory, all items have been given their own QR code. With this system, they can scan the item in the INEXTIA app with their mobile phone and register the new inventory count. Using the app on rounds means that it is not necessary to visit the office every time data needs to be entered.

Several of the maintenance jobs that need to be performed are grouped in the Job Relation module, combining several “small jobs” under a main job. This means they have a monthly inspection of, for example, lubrication of components, and thus all tasks are registered in one place. This helps to keep an organized overview in the job list.

Operations Technician, Anders H. Schlie

The advantage of Job Relation is that we avoid a “lot of noise” in our job list, and it gives us a better overview.

Structured maintenance boosts production

The structure they have established contributes to them being proactive with maintenance tasks and often addressing a potential problem before it arises.

After using INEXTIA for 6 months, Sindal Biogas has already noticed a difference. They have a noticeable decrease in downtime, which has also led to an increased biomethane production by 5% per month. They believe that the structure implemented in their maintenance routines has been a major factor in this growth. Additionally, they also have less downtimes at night.

Head of Operations, Steffen Stryhn

“We have chosen to prioritize internal resources to implement INEXTIA as quickly as possible. Without this investment of time, we would not have achieved the current results.”

Future use of INEXTIA

Sindal Biogas say they have had a good start with INEXTIA and also believe that there are many possibilities available that they have not yet utilized.

Since they have several machines that require external consultants, the consultants will also have the opportunity to work in INEXTIA in the future, ensuring that the correct data is saved. Sindal Biogas also looks forward to the development of their own database, so they have the opportunity to analyze previous downtimes, as well as run Analytics reports directly from INEXTIA, which can help with future planning.

Finally, they look forward to seeing the development of their inventory management, as they are convinced it can have an impact on consumption and budgeting of spare parts.

5 benefits of INEXTIA according to Sindal Biogas:

  • The system frees up time after startup and gives free rein.
  • It is a user-friendly system.
  • You get a better overview of maintenance jobs.
  • Structure on spare parts, both quantity and location.
  • The system gives all users of INEXTIA a better opportunity to prepare for upcoming maintenance jobs. The great benefit is that the operation runs without problems.


Flere cases


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Six months after implementation, Fiberline has INEXTIA operating on 70% of the main production in Middelfart.

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