INEXTIA app optimizes the maintenance process and increases efficiency

Faerch A/S is not just any ordinary packaging company. They are a leading supplier of food packaging worldwide. With production that includes both the design process, the production of recyclable plastic, and the production of food packaging, the company has established a global presence from its headquarters in Holstebro.

Sustainability is an integrated part of all aspects of Faerch A/S and has naturally also placed demands on production. Likewise, documentation is important to ensure that the packaging complies with applicable requirements for quality and safety.

Lack of overview of data

But it’s not always a walk in the park. With a production that extrudes approximately 30,000 tons of recycled PET per year, it also places great demands on maintenance.

The production runs non-stop, 24/7, and any breakdowns could seriously impact the bottom-line. Increased production meant an increasing number of maintenance tasks, creating a need to focus on internal knowledge sharing across teams.

Better planning came on the agenda to ensure that the right maintenance tasks are actually performed. In particular, the overview of data and the spare parts inventory were important to anticipate maintenance tasks and ensure that the inventory did not fall below the minimum.

Active use of data history

By using INEXTIA to track one-time jobs on their tools, Faerch A/S is able to build valuable data history. Registering one-time jobs on tools in INEXTIA gives them an insight into the costs, which also shows the item consumption on the individual tool.

Faerch A/S also manages purchases in INEXTIA, which allows them to connect upcoming maintenance tasks with missing spare parts. Brian experiences good synergy effects by combining procurement and maintenance in the same system. This ensures that the necessary spare parts to complete a maintenance task are available in stock.

Faerch A/S receives a daily email via Analytics with information about their inventory. This email tells them if a spare part has fallen below the minimum inventory or if a delivery date has been exceeded on a purchase order.

Today the Analytics reports help them to get the most out of the data. For example, they have created a report for ventilation filters, so they know exactly when to purchase and replace them. Additionally, Faerch A/S generates an overview of all equipment that needs to be calibrated and when it needs to be performed. This is used in connection with their certifications and also helps administration as the list is automatically updated based on calibration jobs.

Maintain overview with the INEXTIA app

The INEXTIA app has been a game-changer for Faerch A/S. By putting this tool in the hands of their team members, they’ve been able to streamline their workflows and boost their overall efficiency. Now the team can take a list of the day’s tasks around the factory. They can create new maintenance tasks via the app, complete a task and at the same time, register which spare parts are picked from inventory.

When they stand by a machine, they have the opportunity with the INEXTIA app to scan a QR code on the machine and check if there are any additional tasks that need to be completed. By performing several tasks during a visit to the machine, the time spent on completing the task is optimized.

Brian remarks, “We have the ability to create one-time tasks via the app and attach pictures of any damage. By documenting these ad-hoc tasks, we get a good history and an overview of how we use our time.”

The app increases efficiency

Faerch A/S sees several benefits of INEXTIA – and especially the app, which they are happy with. It provides greater mobility as well as an overview of both tasks and spare parts inventory. This means that they always know what is in stock. In addition to the inventory overview, Faerch A/S also takes advantage of the ability to attach documents and access them through the app. They do this, for example, with electrical diagrams, where the documentation is visible directly on the component via the app.

Thanks to the INXETIA app, Faerch A/S has been able to optimize their working time and reduce inefficiencies in their operation. By providing a clear overview of all the tasks associated with each machine, the app helps the team to identify opportunities to bundle multiple jobs together, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Brian concludes: “Maintenance planning in INEXTIA has given us a clear job list that gives us peace of mind. We no longer have to stress about a lot of unnecessary unresolved tasks that appear on our job list. And with the app, we have gained increased mobility, which has resulted in a more efficient operation of our factory.”

5 quick facts about the INEXTIA app

  • Increased mobility and efficiency in production
  • Perform more jobs and optimize working time.
  • Get an overview of spare parts inventory.
  • Easy creation of data history
  • Scan and start jobs with QR codes.


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