Colas Denmark A/S makes working procedures more efficient with INEXTIA at workshop in Viborg.

Colas Denmark A/S has multiple workshops in Denmark to provide service and reparations on their vehicles and mobile equipment. From the workshop in Viborg, the maintenance employees support both Jutland and Fyn. The main part of the planned maintenance and service is carried out in the winter half-year, as the vehicles and mobile equipment are not in use. That also means that many road people are working at the workshop in this period.

At Colas Denmark A/S, it is primarily the workshops and the factories that started using INEXTIA. Just 2 months after purchasing the system, the workshop in Viborg is actively using it every day. They create, delegate, execute and finish jobs – from their computers and the INEXTIA App.

Henrik Kusk, Equipment Manager, says, “With INEXTIA, we can keep an eye on when a machine needs service and we avoid having to go through paperwork just to discover, that the planned maintenance was never registered or carried out.”

Digitalized maintenance and the battle against the power of habits

Colas’ workshop in Viborg uses the system to plan maintenance, create jobs, describe reparations and for general documentation. Technical drawings, manuals, picture and invoices are uploaded.

Henrik Kusk tells, “A digitalized platform for maintenance is necessary in a modern company. The digital solution reduces the risk of losing important information, because timesheets and journals are collected in one place. It also lightens the job in the working day, once you are familiar with the system.”

At the workshop in Viborg, all new machines are registered in INEXTIA. Creating and finishing jobs are quickly carried out when done electronically. Factory Foreman Thomas Larsen tells, “When a job is created in the system, it does not disappear. I currently have 36 jobs, and the best thing about INEXTIA is, that we do not forget any jobs, which is satisfying for the road people.”

With a cloud-based maintenance system, you’ll have easy access to information, also when you are out of office. The maintenance staff receive their jobs through an app that tells them which jobs must be done for today, and when they are due. Thomas Larsen says, “It makes my day easier that I can plan and delegate jobs electronically. It also means that my employees can finish jobs by themselves.”

Thomas Larsen tells, “The system has generally received positive interest, and I think it is pretty cool that our oldest employee is best at using the system.”

New digital processed creates bigger efficiency

The new digital processes at Colas Denmark A/S make demands to the maintenance staff. At the workshop in Viborg, staff is already experiencing a more efficient workday. Thomas Larsen tells, “When we are changing machines between teams, we can now reach service contracts and history electronically, so we no longer need to carry physical papers.

Henrik Kusk continues, “With our previous paper system, we experienced that our journals were insufficient. Now, we experience that we discover advantages which we can use moving forward. We see signs of the maintenance staff seriously using INEXTIA and understanding the value of the system.”

Specially, the history is important for Colas Denmark A/S, as they can learn from previous mistakes and follow up on repairments. In short, INEXTIA makes it easier to focus on maintenance.

Documentation in INEXTIA makes it easier for Colas Denmark A/S to follow legal demands in the industry. The system is used to remind the maintenance staff about when inspections will be conducted. An example can be a gate or a latter that need a security check based on legal demands. This meanwhile means, that Colas Denmark A/S always will be upfront when it comes to the safety of the company’s workspace.


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