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04.12.2023 - Blog

What is TPM? (Total Productive Maintenance)

TPM is a process and strategy focusing on machines, equipment, employees and systems supporting each other to achieve better maintenance quality.

It mainly concerns getting the employees involved in maintenance and maintaining their own equipment. This is supported by the proactive and preventive maintenance strategies implemented in the department.

Which areas do TPM focus on?

TPM is focused on improving the productivity in the company and thereby reducing down time. This includes a constant focus on preventive maintenance. With TPM, emergency maintenance is not a strategy but something that is always focused on being minimized.

When working with TPM on site, a better understanding of the importance of maintenance is achieved. Optimizations will affect the efficiency of operations, finances and motivation of employees. Moreover, the risk of major breakdowns that could have been avoided with TPM and preventative maintenance is reduced.

Which advantages can be achieved?:

  • Obtain more focus on preventive maintenance
  • Create motivation among the employees
  • Minimize costs of major breakdowns
  • Obtain a more effective production
  • Use a proactive strategy and avoid emergency maintenance

Focus areas in relation to Total Productive Maintenance

  • Continuous maintenance
  • Focus on optimization
  • Planned maintenance
  • Quality management
  • Reducing complexity
  • Education and training
  • Administrative TPM
  • Security and environment

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