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02.02.2022 - Blog

What is systematic maintenance?

Systematic maintenance in the operations and maintenance department helps to focus on and ensure a healthy operation of machinery. The goal of systematic maintenance is to reduce downtime by continuously checking that your machines are working optimally.

With systematic maintenance, you have the opportunity to minimize errors and breakdowns and thereby ensure a longer service life of your machines.

How to optimize planning of maintenance?

Systemizing maintenance gives you the opportunity to plan your maintenance and thereby minimizing the chances of oversight. In addition, you can attach more details to your tasks which facilitates the overview.

Plan your tasks and jobs with resources and time estimates, so you always know who is carrying out maintenance, when this is happening and on which equipment. You can also link the expected consumption of spare parts to your planned task or job and thereby ensure that all necessary spare parts are in stock when carrying out maintenance.

Systematic maintenance helps to ensure that resources and spare parts are available when a job is to be carried out and that a well documented history for the task is written down as well.

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