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24.09.2021 - Blog

What is RCM? (Reliability centered maintenance)

RCM is a concept and method which can be used for developing your maintenance strategy. RCM is increasing awareness of the reliability of machines.

In the maintenance planning, the optimization goal is getting the production to continue as planned. If a machine is started, the user must be able to trust that it can produce and thereby create reliability between user and machine. This reliability is created by carrying out preventive maintenance to reduce errors and machine downtime.

How does RCM create safety in the production?

RCM supports that we can trust that machines can produce when we need them to. This is especially important when looking at deliveries to customers. In the ideal partnership between supplier and customer, it is incredibly important that customers can trust having the purchased item delivered on time and this is how the RCM mindset can help.

What are the advantages of working with Reliability Centered Maintenance?:

  • Create safety and reliability in the production
  • Optimize the production performance
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Get an optimized maintenance strategy

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