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24.09.2021 - Blog

What is CMMS? (Computerized Maintenance Management System or Software)

CMMS is a system that focuses on planning and managing maintenance. A CMMS is a digital tool for the maintenance department which secures the optimal conditions for planning and performing maintenance jobs on time.

A good CMMS system will secure that maintenance jobs are structured, performed correctly and on time. This way you achieve the most optimal foundation for your company, which is constant uptime in production.

A CMMS system can be implemented in any company or industry where maintenance is carried out.

Which advantages can be achieved with a CMMS?

If you work with a digital maintenance system, this will simultaneously minimize the work pressure on daily operations. If you do not have a CMMS, this means that all information about machines, breakdowns, job routines and the like will be stored in the maintenance crew’s memory or in a ring binder in the office.

Having a digital system which remembers this information will make it more manageable for the crew handling daily operations. In this way, they can focus on performing maintenance and not on remembering all the details that might be forgotten.

Today, a CMMS is an indispensable tool in the maintenance department. With digital development, it is now more important than ever to collect, store and measure data. With data from the maintenance department, it is secured that the right decisions are made, as optimizations are based on the data in the CMMS system.

What are the advantages of using a Computerized Maintenance Management System?:

  • Systemizing maintenance Achieving a structured access to maintenance
  • Using a digital platform to control job frequencies
  • Minimizing the risk of forgetting maintenance jobs and tasks
  • Storing important maintenance data in just one system
  • Minimizing the maintenance crew’s work pressure

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