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24.09.2021 - Blog

What are the 4 types of maintenance?

There are many approaches to maintenance, how to plan it and how to carry it out. There are especially 4 types of maintenance that are repeated in relation to the internal strategy.

Many organizations are using several maintenance types, others are focusing 100% on one certain type. The most important thing is that you are focusing on internal maintenance and that you are questioning how to optimize maintenance.

Corrective Maintenance

Carrying out corrective maintenance means, that when a problem is detected, the maintenance associated to the problem is being carried out before the problem escalates. An example would be if a technician is carrying out a planned inspection and meanwhile detects a problem, the technician will then carry out corrective maintenance, so the problem does not cause a breakdown or other types of failures.

Preventive Maintenence

When working with preventive maintenance, you are carrying out planned maintenance in order to avoid failures and breakdowns This means that jobs and tasks such as lubrication, cleaning, repairs, replacement of spare parts and inspections are planned at a fixed frequency.

Preventive maintenance can be planned with a calendar and with a counter frequency, or a with a combination of these.

Condition Based Maintenance

Some organizations have the possibility to collect real time data from their machines. Such data could be temperature, vibration, sound frequencies and the like, which can give insight about the condition of the machines.

Condition Based Maintenance is carried out based on minimum and maximum indicators. This means that a job will be triggered in the maintenance system, if for example the temperature exceeds the maximum value. Therefore, the condition of the machine will tell when maintenance needs to be carried out.

Predictive Maintenance

When working with predictive maintenance, this is based on the condition of machines and equipment. This is done by monitoring the condition of the machines to predict when a possible breakdown will occur.

Some maintenance systems can work with predictive maintenance and calculate trend curves, based on data that is being typed in the system. This trend shows when a job or task needs to be carried out in the future.

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