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09.10.2020 - Blog

How do I document Statutory inspections?

Many industries are carrying out statutory inspections on machinery and other equipment on a yearly basis. It is important to have these inspections under control, as they are often include requirements to reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace. Statutory inspections come with different frequencies and it is therefore very helpful for the operations and maintenance department to have these systemized.

How do I comply with statutory inspection requirements?

As the statutory inspections can be carried out on many different types of equipment and machines, there are many different requirements to the inspections. This can vary, depending on the industry and which type of equipment the inspection is carried out on. It is therefore important that you always check with your supplier, so that you make sure that you comply with the requirements.

Statutory inspections may include:

  • Inspecting tires for cracks, wear, holes and the like
  • Checking that breaks are fully functional
  • Inspecting of scaffolding and handrails for crookedness
  • Checking for crookedness on ladder and loose steps
  • Checking wires for damages and cracks
  • Inspecting equipment for cleaning, grease traps, free ventilation
  • Check that the stop button works

How is the correct documentation for statutory inspections ensured?

It is important to ensure correct documentation when carrying out statutory inspections, as this documentation can be requested in the event of incidents, accidents and general checks.

A great tool for this is to use checklists, as these will ensure that the staff who is in charge of carrying out the inspection review all requirements for the inspection and documents the review at the same time. The checklists can be in paper or digital form and are very important to store in a central place available to the staff.

More and more choose to digitalize this process, so that documentation is stored digitally and possibly being connected directly to the equipment being inspected. In that way, it is always easy to find any requested documentation of statutory inspections. Another great advantage of the digital checklist is that you can simultaneously add photos as documentation directly from your tablet or phone.

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